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So here I am a guy going on 21 in 2weeks and loving it!! only problem is I really want my girlfriend of 2 years to start gaining. I love her to death but really would love her to stop worrying about her weight and relax and just naturally gain. Obviously I would love to help and feed her to make her nice and plump but its soo differcult to open up and risk everything we have just because i rather a chubby or plump girl!! all views welcome.(ha if anyone reads this!!!)would love to find a girl who wants to be fed and have no sexual link as i wouldnt like to cheat.Its been something i have wanted for quite some time!!!

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just got in from work!! bloody traffic, had such a mad day. Was nearly involved in two acciendent SOME PEOPLE!!! so happy im back home now, think im gonna make a large meal to chill out with!!!
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hey i would love to have a chat with you. you seem really nicex i really appriciate a girl who loves to gain.xxplease add me x
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hi!! if theres any chubby girls who love their food that wanna chat, just lemme know im right here.

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